What's it Like to Work With Karl:

"The thing I love about Karl is that he brings together–and is the best example of–the understanding of a photographer, the acumen of a technician, and the sensitivity of an artist."

  • Barry Grimes
  • Creative Director
  • Beautiful Machine
  • Cardiff, CA

"From a client perspective, Karl represents an opportunity for us to be taken care of in a one-stop-shop kind of way. We have a lot of challenges, and when we have an opportunity to work with someone that is as professional and multi-talented as Karl, we're able to more efficiently complete our projects."

  • Teej Thaldorf
  • Product Line Manager
  • Established Brands
  • Minneapolis, MN

"I really enjoy working with Karl Herber for a number of reasons. He always brings something new to the shoot, he's up-to-date on his training; he's a fun guy to have around; and whether we're travelling overseas - sending him hard drives back for initial editing and color work, or if we're working with him locally, or even on the road nationally, he's been a great resource. Reliable, trustworthy, and he puts out some really killer haikus. What else do you want?"

  • Jonathan Chapman
  • Photographer, Director
  • Minneapolis, MN